Dear Former Trinity, Hawk, and Covenant Customers,

In late December your previous waste collection company became unable to continue normal operations due to financial difficulties.   God Bless the USA, Inc. agreed to provide service to their customers.   This all happened rather quickly and we were able to begin providing you services on January 6, in most cases, without interruption.  Unfortunately, because it happened quickly and our focus was on providing trash and recycling collection, it left many of you with questions and concerns that we would like to address.  In addition, we apologize for any confusion and inability to reach our office.  We hope you have been pleased with our service over the last 3 weeks and will allow us to continue to be your trash and recycling service provider.

  • Why no ‘transition plan’?
    • This was not a corporate merger or acquisition with months (or even weeks) of time for committees to work out a plan.  Trinity/Covenant/Hawk was unable to service many of its customers during the last 2 weeks of December, and went out of business shortly after the first of January.  God Bless the USA acted to ensure that those customers, and thousands of others, would not be without trash service.  We live in this community and know what it would look like to have weeks worth of trash out for pickup – with no one on the way to pick it up.  Our focus has been to provide service and as such we have not been able to properly communicate with all customers.  As a small, local business we do not have a large marketing or public relations budget and we apologize for any lack of responsiveness.  We are answering emails and telephone calls as quickly as we can.  We understand the frustration some are feeling from the lack of communication and hope this information serves to answer many of your questions.
  • Why should I continue my service with GBUSA?
    • GBUSA is a locally owned and operated company that has been in business since 2006
    • GBUSA is the only provider in Union County with Natural Gas Powered trucks
    • 95% of GBUSA employees are Union County residents
    • GBUSA is the only local provider to offer RECYCLEBANK . Please go to our website to learn more about this amazing service!  With the rewards (Harris Teeter coupons, gift cards, and much more) you earn just by signing up and recycling you can offset most of the cost of your garbage service!
    • Yard waste collection
    • No hidden fees in our services
  • How do I know what day my trash service will be provided?
    • Please visit our website at GBUSAINC.com.  The listing of neighborhoods and their pickup day is located under the Customer Service Tab
  • What if I have already paid Trinity/Hawk/Covenant for all or part of Jan – Mar?
    • God Bless the USA will honor that pre-payment and continue your services.  You will receive an invoice from GBUSA for any unpaid portion of the first quarter of 2014.  GBUSA invoices our customers on a calendar quarterly basis (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, etc).  If you have already paid thru January, you will receive and invoice from GBUSA for only February and/or March.   If you allow us to remain as your trash and recycling service provider, the next invoice you receive from GBUSA will be for Q2 (Apr-Jun), and then quarterly thereafter.
  • I have an invoice from Trinity/Covenant/Hawk – do I pay it?  Do I pay GBUSA?
    • As part of the agreement with Trinity/Covenant/Hawk, we acquired their trade names as well as access to their P.O. Box and payment services after January 7, 2014.  If you received an invoice from Trinity/Hawk/Covenant for 2014 services, we ask that you please pay it as usual.  You may pay online via their website or mail your payment as in the past.

We at GBUSA appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope you are pleased with our service.  We have received many encouraging notes and emails, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our best to provide excellent service, increase our county’s recycling and promote clean energy and living in Union County and the Carolinas.


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